Apparently water is the same as drinking coffee.

I’m a coffee whore, I love coffee — especially when it’s free; like most things in the world.

“person tryng to grab a brown cup” by Monika Dhita Adiati on Unsplash

I take liberty in hogging free coffee whenever the possibility presents itself.

My colleagues tell me though, that I don’t need to drink that much coffee.

What the fuck do they know?

They’re just my colleagues.

Apparently, there is some science to back it up?

— Water wakes you the fuck up.

Allegedly it’s true, I googled it.

Not that I give too many fucks to give up my kleptomaniac coffee urges.

My colleagues believe one of these days, my heart will explode.

Or implode?

I do agree I drink too much coffee, but there’s a reason why the office pays for the coffee pods — they’re free for us!

I must admit I do take it to the extreme, because I have on occasion sneaked a few in my bag.

I also steal toilet paper from the office. (It’s fucking expensive, alright?)

I’m a struggling writer, I need to make do with whatever I can hog.

Take my advice, there ain’t no shame in stealing sugar packets.

In my defence, I don’t drink — because it’s expensive and it’s only ever led to shame.

I’d rather hang out with my colleagues at the Casual Friday Drinks, and sip coffee.

Keeping an eye out for when they get absolutely hammered and feel the urge to eat.

Speaking of which, “Hey that looks delicious, mind if I take a bite?”

Thank you for reading!

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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