Acknowledge the end of Negativity.

“We tend to acknowledge the negative mind states when they arise, but when did you last acknowledge the end of one?”

We tend to remember our failures more often than we do our achievements; at least that used to be the case with me.

I could recall within a millisecond all the negative things happened to me in the past, but fail to recall a positive achievement just as quickly.

It’s the nature of the mind to focus on the negative; in hopes of settling in the state of hopelessness.

Negativity keeps us feeling comfortable, that maybe this is just how things are.

And when it all ends, and positivity finally steps in — we stand still, baffled, and numb.

I recall positive events and write them down, every time I experience a negative event; I look at the long list of the positive that came out of the end of a negative one.

It’s fulfilling. Enriching. And a reminder that I’ve been through worse before.

Its basic Military training; put ’em through hell so that it shakes the fear out the soldiers.

An applicant with an above Average I.Q., is most likely to not be selected to serving in the Military.

Primarily because they cannot be easily moulded. And God forbid, if they might one day start to think for themselves.

But none the less, there’s so much to learn from Military training about Life.

Life is the epitome of a Boot-Camp.

It’s training.

Constantly beating you up, down and out.

I was in a mind-state where I always blamed my failures on circumstances, I fucking hate circumstances.

Fuck Circumstances.

There’s no such thing.

Forget about the mid-set that the negative position you’re in is because of some written destiny and as such this is how it’s meant to be.

Instead look to your past and recall; when you fell life was over — but you decided to give it just another chance, and succeeded.

I’m my worst critic. I’ll more often feel happier about a loss than about a profit.

Because a profit would mean, I’m leading towards arrogance.

A loss would mean, I’m humbling to a more sensitive and wise human being.

Look to your failures, but don’t let them be the culmination of your livelihood.

Look to your failures, and instead acknowledge what went wrong — analyse it, learn from it, and then make damn sure you don’t blame circumstances.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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