Acceptance is the first step to change.

Image Credits: Tom Waits / Anton Corbijn.

An esteemed Professor at my College once asked me to write an essay on a Question he had, the task baffled me to the core. Not because writing the task was difficult, but because I couldn’t come up with a reasonable answer to the question:

“What is the single best thing to come out of World War II?”, He’d asked.

My answer, without even thinking — I murmured, “I don’t think anything good ever came of World War II, Sir”.

The Professor smiled and said when I have the answer I should write him back.

And since following the tragedy that took place at Parkland, I believe I finally do have the answer.

The single best thing to come out of World War II was the realisation of just how rotten humanity could become. And that acceptance of a mistake is a step towards positive change.

It made humans realise just how much damage one man’s influence could do; when it went unchecked.

A Lesson that Germany learned all to well; and still to this day acknowledges the horrible events that took place during World War II — and aims to remind people every day through signs throughout the country that the people do not forget the monstrosity that took place under the Nazi regime.

Australia, a country which has also seen its’ fair share of brutality — acknowledged and apologised to the Aboriginal Inhabitants of the Land and the massacre that their ancestors had laid upon their people.

Source: Youtube. Kevin Rudd’s Apology to the Indigenous people of Australia.

So why is acceptance so necessary? Because only by admitting our mistakes can we progress towards a better future.

But when a country or its’ politicians fail to acknowledge their mistakes — change can never follow; as it persists with a failed sense of ignorance.

I failed to learn the piano, so I decided I’d play the keyboard instead. //All aboard the Crazytrain.

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